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Anthony Trendl
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How Wind Began
The Boy Who Hated Doing Everything

Featured Author: Anthony Trendl

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Works from Anthony Trendl:

My Biggest Game

Anthony Trendl's playful children's tales evoke the charm of Edward Lear, Mark Twain and James Thurber with just a touch of the fantastic. ‚Äč When he founded Tree Fort Books, he thought about his days growing up near Chicago, reading and playing in his friend Brian's tree fort high up in a maple tree. 

He is a speechwriter with executive and celebrity clients globally. He's written a myriad of TED Talks, commencement addresses for places like Harvard and UCLA, and keynote speeches raising millions of dollars. His poems have been published by national magazines and he has ghostwritten over 100 essays, book chapters and articles. Have him speak at your event.

He would love to come to your event and present his stories and talk about great books and writing. Contact him.